Monday, January 16, 2012

Helluva Weekend

Well I had a helluva a weekend. It must have been the Friday blog post lambasting Aunt Flo and her relatives. She called in for support and got it. Late Friday afternoon I was in the beginnings of what I was certain would be a slow painful death. In addition to the old battle ace and her kin, I was experiencing nausea, the likes of which I hadn’t experienced in years. I spent the next 12 hours either sitting on the porcelain throne or praying to it.
Flashes of fever and chills, actual stomach pains in addition to the cramps left me curled in a fetal position while my 2 year old granddaughter played all around my bedroom. Fortunately, she none too interested in the contents of my drawers. Lord knows what she would have found there.
The upchuck, er upshot of this is that I lost weight of course. By Sunday I was down several pounds but knew better than to put much stock in those numbers. After being sick, it takes a day or two for my weight to stabilize. And stabilize it did. This morning I weighed in at 253.9. This puts me at -7.8 for January so far.
I won’t even waste your time with listing my dietary consumption over the weekend. It was nonexistent Friday and Saturday wasn’t much better. I just tried to keep down what I could. Sunday was better but even the thought of certain foods made my stomach roil with displeasure. So it was easy-does-it. I did however, watch my carbs Sunday. Exercise – you’ve got to be kidding me. I had enough running back and forth to the bathroom to make up a marathon.
The stomach is still a bit sensitive and squeamish but I will manage. I do think I have developed another ear infection though – the second one in as many months. I know, I know. I’m such a mess. This business of getting healthy is killing me. I’ll be making a call to the doctor’s office in an hour or two to see about getting some antibiotics
Writing on my novel didn’t happen either. But I am back in the saddle today. I did get some paying work done yesterday and I’m looking forward to working today. Perhaps I will be able to scratch a few fictional words as well. Stay tuned.


Magena Fawn said...

The body is communicating with you. Telling you to rest and listen, to take care with the foods you are choosing (choose fresh, local and in season) and to conserve energy. Winter is a time of dormancy for plants and many animals. It is a time to conserve energy for the next growth period. Love you! :)

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