Monday, September 10, 2012

September 10, 2012 – Day 4 of the 1000 Mile Challenge

I took the day off. Plain and simple. I did nothing but watch TV, prepare meals and tinker on the computer. I was a little tired when I woke and my efforts to find a website where I could listen to my beloved Chicago Bears play their opening game was thwarted so I sulked by retiring to my recliner and I basically camped there all day.

Fortunately, my efforts throughout the week were not undermined by this day of rest. This morning I stepped on the scale with anticipation and not just a little worry that I would see no change. I did see change. I weighed 274.3. From my Labor Day weekend high of 280, that is a huge 5.7 loss! Of course bookending that weekend was my more usual weight of 277 so that spike was probably not indicative of where I was but where I was headed if I didn’t watch my step. So this will go down in my books as a 2.7 lb. loss – still very respectable and much more maintainable as I go forward. – We all know large drops do not generally stay with us and many of the lbs. come back so 2.7 is just fine with me. 

Below is the breakdown for yesterday though fitness-wise there is no change. Today and this week I hope to do better. More water, smaller servings, maybe more exercise.

Calorie Count:
Intake:  1474
Output:  0                            Exercise:              0`            Net Calories 1474
Daily Mile:
Goal 1000 Miles:                               Today’s Mile:     0              Total Miles:   11
President’s Challenge:
September Goal: 2500 Points     Today’s Points:                 0              Total Points Earned: 997
Breakfast:                                           2 Egg, Whole - Cooked, Fried
Chopped Ham, 3 oz
Pepperjack Cheese slice
Coffee, Decaffeinated
Lunch:                                                   Vegetable Soup
                                                                85% lean ground beef patty
                                                                Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade
Dinner:                                                 Chicken Spaghetti
Water:                                                  3 glasses


Marie Anne said...

Good job! Planning for a day of rest between workouts is a good thing anyway. Congrats on the weight loss too ... you're doing great!

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