Friday, April 8, 2011

“G” Is for Groceries – Are They Doing Me In?

I have been thinking about groceries and the way I shop for them. While I am on a “diet”, my family is not. I have two healthy teenage boys who can eat gargantuan amounts of food and still ask what there is to eat. My husband has a healthy metabolism and while time and gravity are beginning to creep up on him, he is still in pretty good shape, in my humble opinion.
When I plan my grocery shopping list, I work from a menu plan for the month. It includes all the meals and snacks I think we’ll consume in the next 30 days. However, my whole family doesn’t need to eat the way I need to eat. I buy them the things they enjoy: cookies, snack mixes, the occasional bags of chips and so on.
When I get home and unpack it, there it is. All the stuff I don’t need to eat: cookies, snack mixes, bags of chips and so on. I can be good for a while. Even a long a while. But then, that moment of weakness hits – late in the evening, after a terribly long day when I’m tired and stressed and I know no one is looking. That’s when their food ends up in my mouth!
I don’t want to deprive my kids. They have so far developed good eating habits and can leave the stuff alone whereas I hear it calling to me from three rooms away. How do I provide for them and torture myself? Or how do I banish the naughty foods for me without depriving them?
Before you tell me to add more fruits and such, let me say this. We already have that. My family has no problem eating carrots, celery, broccoli and a myriad of fruits. Still, they sometimes want those foods which I find addictive and would like to avoid. If those foods aren’t in the house, I won’t eat them.
So I’m asking you dear friends and readers, how do you cope with this issue?


Tracey said...

I'm not sure how helpful my answer will be Theresa. I count calories and allow myself to eat snacks like cookies and potato chips when I feel the urge. I just know that when I do eat them, it counts towards my calorie goal for they day. So basically, I just factor the snacks into my daily calorie allowance. If you stick to the proper portion size, you should be OK. If you tend to eat more than the recommended amount, then, this might not work for you.

mothermorgan said...

Bravo! It's hard to do. I snack most at night. I do it while I'm reading, for some reason... and because of this, I don't notice how much I've eaten. So the rule is, I have my tasty, naughty snack during the day ONLY or not at all, and for nibbles at night I eat something that's good for me.

Theresa Wiza said...

My daughter-in-law opened a frozen yogurt and smoothie shop a year and a half ago. She recently started serving wraps. When you put enough lettuce in them and fill them with cucumber, tomatoes, other veggies, and a delicious avocado sauce (her own recipe – wish I had it), you feel as if you are actually eating a meal. YUMMY! If you would like to read my "G" post, please go to the top blog on (thank you)

Amy Brantley said...

My boyfriend doesn't "diet" with me either and that's fine. I don't want him to feel deprived either. I have found that staying busy, and I mean REALLY, busy with work helps. But, having my own snacks really helps as well. I love my Weight Watchers Ice Cream Bars and they are good for people watching their calories too. I also love Cheez-Its, which are no where near as bad as eating chips. When it comes to chips, I do love Baked Lay's. One more thing I want to point out is I don't deprive myself. I work snacks into my daily allowance. I've tried cutting out everything and I've failed each and every time. A woman has to live a little. I hope some of this helps.

Word Nerd said...

I have a two-part answer. Like Tracey, I watch my calories, but do still have a little something when I want to. For me, that works. I actually do better when I indulge a little, rather than fighting a craving until I give in big time.

Another thing that worked at my house when the kids still lived at home was to keep very little pure junk in the house. It's not that we didn't have ice cream and other goodies, but but we mostly went out for them. We'd walk down to the ice cream place (or just as often, we'd drive), or go out for a pizza or burgers. It felt different--really felt like a treat, rather than just something to grab from the cabinet--and never became an everyday thing.

lisaswrite said...

Good for you! Sounds like you're doing all the right things. I agree that there is nothing wrong with the occasional snack or treat, especially for kids and people who are healthy. As for your dilemma, are you doing anything about the psychological connection to weight gain? There's *something* there in your life causing you to have these cravings and to want to overindulge. I know it's not the easy answer, but if you can figure out how to fix this, dieting will be a "piece of cake" and you'll be able to eat some, too (every now and then).

Sometimes when we're not right on the inside, it starts to show itself on our outsides through weight gain, addictions and bad habits. Fix the inside problems and it will be easier to be a fitter you.

I support you fully in your journey. Can't wait to come here and read more as you progress.

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