Friday, April 8, 2011

“F” Is for Foodaholic – Count Me In

My name is Theresa and I am a foodaholic. I do not say that lightly or to make fun of anyone is any kind of 12-step or other self-help program. I have the greatest respect for anyone trying to take hold of their life and their issues. I say it because it is true. Food controls my life.
I think about food probably more than anything else all day long. As the cook in the family, it is my job to think about food. I cook all the meals, plan the shopping and purchase the food. I decide what we will eat, when we will eat it and how it will be cooked. I have to think about when I need to start preparing it so it will be ready at meal time. I need to gather the ingredients and tools to make sure I can prepare that meal.
As if that weren’t enough, I have animals to take care and food to provide for them. I have my 17-month-old granddaughter five nights a week and yep, I get to feed her too.
You would think with all this food thought, I would be sick to death of it. Nope. I often find myself counting the moments until I can eat my next meal. Not because I am especially hungry but because I enjoy it.
I love planning, shopping and preparing food (except for those trying, exhausting days we all have). I can’t wait to sink my teeth into whatever it is I have planned that day. Sometimes I have to fight with myself not to have seconds.
Ever drive by those houses that have so many yard ornaments you can barely see the house anymore? That’s me with food. Now, I’m not sitting in my office surrounded by food. No, but it’s in my head and I don’t know how to get it out. Those rare moments when I’m not thinking about it is the most likely time ne of the boys will poke their head in and ask what they can have for a snack. Or my husband will call on his way home from work and ask what’s for dinner and I’m right back to thinking about food.
If I have plans to meet with friends, I often find myself focusing on what I can have to eat instead of the get together itself. I am a foodaholic.
It is by being honest and accountable that I hope to change these and other bad habits I’ve developed over the years. Some of them just stump me as to how…


rodney southern said...

Very proud of you for taking this step Girl! Awesome job so far and keep going. You are awesome! Following now!

Theresa Wiza said...

Probably one of the hardest addictions to control is food addiction. It's not like you can't eat. If you would like to read my "F" word challenge, please read the top blog on (thank you)

Amy Brantley said...

We are one and the same and you forgot to mention that you also write about food, which can make things even worse. I've often said that I live to eat, when I should be eating to live. But, I love everything about food and like you I'm the one who cooks most of the meals, plans the shopping list and menus, etc. I also watch food shows on TV and am even a member of The Good Cook Club. Yes, it is an obsession, but there are worse things I could be addicted to, so I don't mind :)

Langley said...

We must be sisters. I'm following this excellent blog Theresa. In my family, we plan dinner while still eating lunch.

Marie Anne said...

I don't think about food constantly, I eat it without even thinking more often than not. The carb addiction is a killer.

Keep at it, lady. You'll kick it yet!

Deirdra Eden-Coppel said...

I love your site and as I browsed your blog I decided to award you the Powerful Woman Writer Award.
Go to and pick up your award.

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