Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday: Progress Report

Well, I have finished 5 weeks of my life-style change and I’m beginning week 6. So how have I done? Not too bad. I’ve lost 4.9 lbs as of today, which brings me to 248.7. My weight has wavered 1-2 lbs throughout the process but it is slowly edging its way downward.
I haven’t rechecked the measurements because, well, 4 lbs when you’re as big as me isn’t enough to make much of a difference in measurements. My clothes don’t feel any looser yet either. No point in bringing myself down.
What has improved is my endurance or stamina. I can exercise for longer periods or at higher intensities than before. When I started taking Zumba classes 4 weeks ago, I was only able to do about 30 mins worth and at less than half the intensity of the instructors. The last 2 times I went, I was able to complete the full hour and I had short bursts where my intensity matched the instructors. Overall, I’ve seen my ability to perform the moves improve each week. I go again tonight and I’m anxious to se what I can do.
Even the exercise I do at home is ramping up. When I started on January 3rd, I was happy to complete 20 minutes of exercise at each session. Now I can do 30-40 mins on my Wii Fit programs and last night I managed 45 minutes on the treadmill. Granted, it was at a very low speed (2 MPH), but my heart rate was elevated for 45 minutes, burning calories and improving my cardio-vascular performance!
I have seen the progress and I know I will get better. The weight is sluggish to come off but it is coming off at a rate of just about 1 lb per week. Of course I wish it would happen faster. I’d love for it to fall off all at once. However, I will be happy if I can continue to average 1 lb per week. By the end of the year, I could be right at 200! I never thought I’d be happy to say I weigh 200 lbs! Lol! Who knows, with a little luck, I might even break that barrier.
How has your first month gone? Got any tips to share?


Anonymous said...

You've done great so far! You're exercising regularly so the weight loss might be slow as your body begins to replace the fat with muscle. 1 lb a week is significant weight loss. You are an inspiration!

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