Tuesday, May 3, 2011

“Y” Is for Yes, I Can

Returning to the world challenge-based blogging, I am participating in the Z to A May blogging challenge though this time I am doing it a little differently. Last time I bit off more than I could chew by entering five blogs into the challenge and trying to keep up with each one throughout April. I made it as far as K before I was a blithering idiot. This time I entered all my blogs again but I promised myself I would guarantee a post on just one each day. If I felt like doing more, great. Hopefully this saves my sanity this month and Lord knows, I have precious little left.
Three weeks ago I started on a low carb lifestyle and did great for the first week. Then, I ran out of low carb meal options and snacks and payday was more than a week away. I did well at breakfast and most lunches but dinners got the better of me. So two weeks after my phenomenal start, I am back to where I started before low carb, a dismal 251.
I keep wondering if I can really get serious about this, if I can really do it. I know the answer is yes, I can. I just have to figure out how and why I haven’t so far. So for the rest of this week, I am going to focus on that – getting my head wrapped around this once and for all.


mothermorgan said...

I think you should be commended for making it a goal anyhow. I am neither committed enough nor organized enough to attempt a major change in my diet.

Tracey said...


When I first lost weight, I did it with "Somersize", Suzanne Somer's plan. I immediately started gaining it back. I've also tried low carb and that didn't last very long for me either. At the end of the day, you need to find the diet that feels effortless for you and still helps you get to your weight loss goal. What that is may take you a while to figure out...I know I'm still trying to figure it out. In the meantime, portion control works for me.

pbquig said...

Here's my diet story, I've lost weight with low calorie and gained more back. I lost significant weight on weight watchers but when they weren't watching I gained it back with some extra pounds as a bonus. Lately I've just been eating what I had time to eat and did lose some weight, but I lost weight when I walked on a tour we took to the UK. I keep wanting to exercise, but just don't get to it, either too rainy, too sunny, too windy, too cloudy, too perfect a day.

Yes, I can is the best attitude. The low carb works for my husband, but I really don't like meat much, so ewww.

You will do it, or the pirates will be after you.


Sandy said...

Best of luck with the diet and with the z-a. I entered 3 blogs and am spreading it around as well. No clue on the diet thing, as I've done it first hand. But, from others around me I've learned, it's best to eat small meals, but frequent meals.


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