Friday, September 7, 2012

September 7, 2012 – Day 1 of 1000 Miles & Getting Fit

Obviously this is not Day 1 for me as I have been at this for some time without achieving the desired results. “Day 1” and those that follow are all about accountability. In recent weeks I have been inspired by various friends and family members, not the least of which is my daughter and a number of online friends all battling similar obstacles, to ratchet up my efforts to get healthy. 

Since my last writing, I have actually gained weight and got up to 280 over Labor Day weekend. That sent shock waves through as I realized how easy it would be to hit 300 – a number that terrifies me. 

The weekend was complicated by what I believe was an allergic case of pink eye brought on by a day of mowing. I could barely see for all the swelling and tearing my eyes were doing and I sank into comfort foods – hence the weight gain. By Wednesday I was well enough to resume exercising and have been working at it every day. 

My husband has also lost a good deal of weight recently (20+ pounds) and has aspirations of running in the Chicago Marathon in 2013. While I have never aspired to be a runner, there is a certain appeal to setting a target like that and working toward it. I enjoy a challenge, so long as I feel it is attainable.
I also enjoy seeing my progress. I am using several websites to log my progress:, The President’s Challenge and DailyMile. With Calorie Count, I get to log my foods, water intake, vitamins and such to see what my caloric intake is. It also shows me how I stack up nutritionally each day, which food choices are good and which aren’t. It lets me chart my exercise either assigning calories burned for various activities or allowing me to enter them manually. This way I can see whether or not I am achieving negative calories for the day and thereby burning fat. 

The President’s Challenge is point driven, assigning points for the activities I do. Several friends and I have set goals for the month of September. We are still figuring this site out but having to meet the goal is motivational for me. I will keep you posted in the stats below. 

Daily Mile is a site my husband found first. It lets you add activities, the time it took you to complete them and the mikes they covered. That part is tricky, because I do a number of exercises that don’t easily convert to “miles,” like step aerobics. I have figured out a way to convert the steps to miles that seems fair, though. My husband has created a challenge for the two of us – who can be first to hit 1000 miles. He is jogging all of his mile but he likes that running thing. I am incorporating any movement all- walking on the treadmill, step aerobics, Wii Fit training, mowing the lawn – any movement at all. 

So my plan is to blog every day, even if only a few lines about what I did the day before (or didn’t do) as a way of holding myself accountable. I will list my food and water intake as well as any exercise I do. I do not want to become obsessed with the scale so after today, I will post my weight on Mondays. As I’ve said, Labor Day weekend –which ended on Monday – had me at 280. Here’s hoping the hard work I am putting off will show up when next Monday rolls around.
Calorie Count

Goal: 1500   Intake: 1313               Output: 248        Net Calories: 1065

Daily Mile:

Goal 1000 Miles:               Today’s Mile:     3              Total Miles:   8

President’s Challenge: 

September Goal: 2500 Points     Today’s Points:                 182         Total Points Earned: 755

Breakfast:           2 eggs, scrambled with diced tomatoes,
                                2 slices bacon
                                2 cup decaf coffee – black
Lunch:                   Italian Meatballs
                                1 cup cabbage soup
Dinner:                 French Pot Roast with potatoes and carrots
                                Wendy’s Large Wild Berry Tea


Marie Anne said...

I'm so happy to see you posting again, and as you know, I'm determined to do so as well. Glad to have you as a fitness partner!

Reena said...

I have been struggling to lose 30 pounds from the past 2 years. I really don't know what I am doing wrong...

Lana Bandoim said...

Great to see you back on this blog. Good luck Theresa.

Rebecca Livermore said...

I'm happy to hear you're doing this. I'm wanting to get into exercising myself. Maybe we need to start a small group for those of us who want to get back into the exercise habit!

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